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Using Natural Products to Improve Health

In today's society, where artificial is priced and natural products are free, it is without a doubt that society still gravitates toward artificial products, why? Well, because it is ready done, and available. However, we seem to fail to understand the dangers of synthesized products as most contain additives that are damaging to our health. In this article, what are natural products, the benefits of natural products vs synthetics products and examples of natural products, and how to incorporate them into our daily lives will be explored.

According to Faizan (2018) ‌, natural products may be defined as substances or compounds generated from living organisms or any substance produced by life. This definition shows why natural products are not only healthy for us as human beings but also for the environment as they will be returning to where it was originally made. While natural chemicals/products are produced by nature without any human intervention, synthetic chemicals are made by humans using methods different than those nature uses and these chemical structures may or not be found in nature. These chemicals sometimes are also not biodegradable and could cause a build-up of toxic chemicals in the environment.

According to VJazzy Wellness (2020), outlines the advantages and disadvantages of natural products vs synthetic products and exemplifies some examples of synthetic products such as paraben, toluene, or oxybenzone that can result in cancer when accumulated in the body and other products such as heavy metals which are detrimental to the environment when also accumulated. Contrastingly, natural products as listed by (Canada, 2004), in the article ‘Natural Health Products’ are probiotics, herbal remedies, vitamins and minerals, homeopathic medicines, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. These natural products come with the benefits of improving natural beauty, less irritation to the skin when used in bodily products, long-term benefits, eco-friendly, and lastly no artificial fragrances.

Furthermore, incorporating natural products into our daily lives can be beneficial to a country’s overall health management as most countries' populations suffer from health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, cancers, and even gastrointestinal disorders. This information can be supported by (David, 2021), which lists natural products and how they help to improve health and life expectancy. The 5 natural products and their uses mentioned were: probiotics and prebiotics which help with maintaining a healthy gut (or digestive tract) resulting in a strong immune system, managing mood, and supporting healthy aging; resveratrol which prevents cell damage, and supports healthy aging; B Vitamins which slow the aging process, support a healthy brain as you get older, and reduce your risk of heart disease and bone loss; Coenzyme q10 which occurs naturally in the body and helps with blood sugar regulation which when reduced can result in cardiovascular disease and lastly omega 3- fatty acids which help with maintaining brain and heart health better.

In conclusion, why pay to be unhealthy, when you can use natural products for free and be healthy. Natural products are beneficial to our health, the environment and the country overall. Therefore, reducing the usage of artificial products and increasing the usage of natural products could improve the health of our nation significantly.

By Savanna Rae Anne Aliyah Thomas


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