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The Aspiring Medical Student Transition Programme (AMSTP) is a STEM-based education programme geared towards accelerating the journey of students aspiring to do medicine at the University Level. Whether students aspire to be a Medical Doctor, Dentist, or a Specialized Surgeon, the after-school programme is designed to assist students at the Secondary level to prepare academically, financially and mentally for Medical School. The programme is blended as it includes virtual biomedical, anatomy, and physiology classes led by expert medical doctors and nurses practicing in the United States (U.S.) Healthcare System. The programme will provide participants with practical exposure to first-aid, advanced medical care, and introduction to surgical procedures. Students will be introduced to medical concepts and procedures, engage with Medical Doctors from across the world, and get the knowledge needed to give them a head start in the medical programme.

Why the ASTP?

Over 50% of students who start medical school, end up failing due to their inability to grasp advanced concepts, and to fund the completion. The AMSTP is committed to introducing the content structure and actualities that are associated with medical school.


How does the programme operate?

The AMSTP is addressing Caribbean Health Challenges from the seed to the mature tree.
I. Seed (Conception): This is the stage where a student has the desire to become a healthcare provider or attend medical school. AMSTP plays a critical role in providing the student with quality preparation and mentorship.
II. Sprout (Birth): This is the stage where a student is fully engaged in the AMSTP program as a manifestation of interest and is provided with pre-medical training by program tutors/trainers. AMSTP participants are also applying for medical school and assistance is given regarding funding and the best school for the desired specialization.
III. Seedling (Infancy): This is the stage where students start medical school and demonstrate superior preparation and thereby accelerating their journey in medical school.
IV. Sapling (Juvenile): Access to internships is often limited. AMSTP, through partnerships with established medical facilities in Jamaica and the U.S. will assist students with internship placements.
V. Mature (Adult): This is the full-fledged career stage of the AMSTP graduate, who is appropriately exposed and able to add value to the healthcare system. International and regional exposure will grant participants with critical thinking abilities equipping them to be solutions driven.


Goal of the AMSTP

The programme has a national reach and impact as it is geared towards improving the educational outcome of students and in the long-run, the quality of medical doctors that are able to provide support to the country’s healthcare system. The program partners with key government bodies/agencies, local and international universities, and local and international hospitals/ healthcare centers.

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