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Climate Change Programme

e-Biome’s Climate Change Training Programme is geared towards teaching people of all ages about climate change, the effects and what they can contribute to help. The Climate Change Training Programme is an opportunity for individuals who are passionate about Climate and Development to build their capacity through self-paced learning.

Save the Planet


The effects and responses to climate change will differ significantly across space and among the world’s population, making it one of the most difficult and complicated problems we have ever faced as a civilization. This programme will introduce participants to several parts of a highly interdisciplinary and broad area and is intended to offer participants a foundational understanding of the scientific underpinnings of climatic change. Participants will learn about the fundamental principles that control how the climate system reacts to change-causing factors as well as the physical science underlying the climate system. Historical variability and change, future climate projections, and social and economic concerns will also be concerned in the context of climate policy frameworks.

Learning Outcomes

Participants of the Climate Change Training Programme will be able to:

  1. Explain the basic concepts of climate change science.

  2. Examine the connections between development planning and adaptation to climate change.

  3. Identify the important industries for low-carbon development and describe the appropriate mitigation measures.

  4. Examine the important issues that will affect a climate change regime.

  5. Examine how the blue and green economy plans to address climate mitigation and adaptation.

  6. Analyze the planning and management tactics, policies, and procedures created to mitigate and prepare for climate change.

  7. Understand concepts for ecosystem conservation and species.

  8. Describe the overall climate change financing landscape.

  9. Identify global programs that help nations prepare for climate change.

Wind Turbines

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Successful completion of the programme will result in the granting of a Certificate to verify your training.

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