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The Impact Technology Has on the World

The definition of Technology, according to Britannica, T. Editors of Encyclopedia (2022, April 7), “the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life or, as it is sometimes phrased, to the change and manipulation of the human environment.” Technology was created roughly about 3 million years ago. The main purpose of it is to fill a void, need, or want, (Why Technology Is Created & Revised, 2016). It can be said that technology makes life easier for everyone ranging from young babies to the elderly and it is necessity for almost every thriving industry.

Thesis Statement: While technology is sometimes unsafe for those who don’t understand it, Countries can certainly benefit from the improvements in technology because It can be very helpful to various industries, It can solve problems that cannot be manually fixed and it makes life simpler.

Back then, Humans had to do everything by hand but then the industrial revolution came, and everything was done by machines at a faster rate. The acceptance of newer technology depends on the benefits that it has. For example, most homes have a stand mixer instead of using a spatula or an electric whisk instead of a regular whisk. People purchase these because they get the job done with little effort. In addition, as people age, they start to forget how they looked when they were young or their 10th birthday, so cameras were invented to capture these moments and store them for generations as well as video recorders. CCTV surveillance have also become a globally used technology. This type of technology has helped to decrease crime rate, (Piza et al., 2019). Technology has also made school more accessible. Students are now able to use iPads to take notes, which is better for the environment. Desktop computers became more mobile, and the term laptop was introduced.

In an article, Elezaj (2018) observes that “Thanks to technology, there is better and more accessible treatment for a wide variety of diseases, better and more efficient care for the sick, and better health care and disease control.” The health care industry isn’t the only one affected, “Ever since the 18th century, the banking sector has been evolving, and it is known as one of the oldest businesses in the world. It has progressed and grown with every passing year. Although in the recent years, the industry has transformed with the help of technology. Banks were always regarded as a place with long queues, and an unmanageable amount of paperwork. Due to technological advancements in the banking sector, the need of labor and papers has reduced a lot.” (Yes Bank, n.d.)

Additionally, it solves problems that cannot be manually fixed, Pedamkar (2021) claims that, “One of the biggest ways technology has changed transportation and promoted ecological conservation is fuel cell vehicles. These are zero-emission cars that can run on electricity or hydrocarbons. Fuel cell-powered vehicles using hydrogen also have the advantage of being zero-emission. Mass-market fuel cell vehicles offer a range and convenience missing from diesel and gas-powered cars.” According to new research, it is said that Technology can help to reduce poverty by creating more jobs and allowing those in developing countries to reach a wider market. (Optus Business, 2017)

Although there are many benefits to the wide use of technology, there are a few downsides. The biggest one is Privacy/Safety. In an article, Johnson (2020) states that looking at devices for long periods of time may cause eye strain, which could lead to pains in other areas like the shoulders or neck. There is also the case of hacking. In 2018, there was a spike in the amount of Instagram accounts being hacked. It was reported that the user’s data was being leaked (Bell, 2021).

In Conclusion, there are many great advantages of technology, and it could lead to a more self-sufficient and sustainable environment. If all countries could utilize the amount of new technology that is appearing, they would no doubt be thriving in all sectors. Some people might dislike the increase in technology because they may replace the need for humans but according to Miller (2021), technology doesn’t have emotional intelligence, nor does it have a creative mind; these are only qualities humans possess. Also, one must be cautious and user the sense of discernment when giving personal information on the internet.

By Nicolette Thompson


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