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Introduction to Biomedical Science

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Biomedical Science is a set of scientific disciplines that focus on the biology of humans. Some of these disciplines include microbiology, anatomy, pharmacology, and biochemistry. In this era, Biomedical Sciences are the focus of research right across the globe as it has resulted in many breakthroughs in healthcare. Through Biomedical Science, Researchers have gained in-depth knowledge of several medical conditions such as diabetes, hepatitis, cancer, hypertension, and disorders of the heart; this has led to the development of treatments or even cures for these illnesses. Biomedical Science, being at the core of healthcare, is dynamic, and flexible, and offers a wide array of career options. The course will take an integrated approach to the various disciplines of Biomedical Science with the hope that students will launch into a field of science that is game-changing. The course will expand your knowledge of the human body, the science of blood, how drugs work, the chemical processes in the body, how microorganisms infect and result in diseases, and how to prevent these diseases through public health. Through this course, you will be able to understand and solve problems relating to the biological and chemical processes of the human body without being present in a clinical setting.

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