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Virtual Medical Centre

e-Biome operates a cutting-edge Virtual Medical Center, dedicated to women's health while offering comprehensive medical consultations for individuals of all backgrounds. This innovative platform represents a significant leap forward in healthcare accessibility and convenience, making top-notch medical expertise just a few clicks away. We understand that women's health issues can be unique and complex, requiring specialized care and a personalized approach. Our team of experienced, board-certified physicians, gynecologists, and specialists are ready to address a wide range of women's health concerns.


Our Services

e-Biome's Virtual Medical Center has been designed with the patient's convenience in mind. It offers a seamless, telemedicine-driven approach to healthcare, allowing patients to access world-class medical expertise without the hassle of scheduling appointments, traveling to a physical clinic, or sitting in waiting rooms. 

Virtual Medical Centre

Our Virtual Medical Centre offers a wide range of medical services including doctor consultations for all, Primary care and family medicine, Pediatrics, Diabetes management, Weight management and nutrition,   Dermatological conditions and skincare, and women's health such as Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), Infertility, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Ovarian cysts, Menopause management, Menstrual disorders and irregularities, hormonal imbalances, and other related symptoms. 

Online Medical Consultant

Our Operation

Following the consultation, if necessary, the physician can prescribe medications, recommend further tests, or create personalized treatment plans. These will be shared with the patient through the platform, ensuring transparency and ease of access.


e-Biome's commitment to patient care extends beyond the consultation. The platform allows for follow-up appointments, making it easy for patients to check in with their healthcare providers and monitor their progress.

 e-Biome's platform is designed for non-emergency medical consultations. In cases of severe emergencies, individuals should seek immediate medical attention at a local hospital or emergency care center. Our platform is intended for general health and medical advice, diagnosis, and non-urgent medical care.

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