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Pharmaceuticals and Product Development

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You will be familiar with biochemical concepts and how they play a role in pharmaceutical product development processes such as drug discovery, clinical trials, and market demands at the end of this course. By covering topics like enzyme kinetics, characterization of key metabolic pathways, and manipulation of enzymes and pathways with drugs or mutations, it introduces students to the principles of biochemistry and helps them develop analytical and problem-solving skills that are more likely to be used in the biosciences. It also introduces the product development process by outlining key design thinking principles like personas, narrative mapping, and prototyping. Design modeling and simulation, material and manufacturing process selection, platform and modular design, application of biochemistry to the drug manufacturing process, strategies for all phases of drug development, target selection (identifying multiple drug candidates for potential therapy), manufacturing issues, approval filing, and post-market activities are just a few of the topics covered.

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